Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata

A kind of alopecia includes alopecia areata.

The circular thing that the border of the point that removed the hair became clear says a symptom becoming gradually big.

There is the person who calls alopecia areata 10 yen baldness, but this is because generally area of the falling hair is it.

The factor is it in various ways, but endocrine above and problem of immunity or stress and heredity are related.

When I suffer from alopecia areata in a mental factor, it is said that a cause of the stress disappears and is cured for half a year.

For a mental cause, sense it unless recovery takes time, and a cause is removed; because is not in sight, do not seem to be rarely prolonged.

The age group suffering from alopecia areata can be what kind of person widely.

A child ten years or younger is in its 20s and 30s, and most, men and women have it, but some women are more frequent.

Even if one place is repaired, in the case of a frequent occurrence type, there may be alopecia areata in another place.

It is said that I may restore a single-engine model naturally.

There is alopecia that a hair loss symptom is over in the whole head.

I say maegashira alopecia and suffer from alopecia areata for all-at-onceness.

There is malignant alopecia that まつげやまゆげも removes the hair.

I suppress the allergic symptom with medicine, and a medicine to improve a flow, and to promote hair growth for blood is used for the alopecia areata.

Ointment improving ointment and the oral medicine of the steroid, bloodstream is used.

Even if dermatology does not cost it, in the case of alopecia areata caused by the stress, it may be cured, but it is important to have you watch it with dermatology properly once.


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